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Northern Spirit Music Welcomes You

                                    Harmonizing Our Heritage

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Come Learn the Fiddle

No matter your age or musical background, our fiddle lessons provide a nurturing and inspiring environment to cultivate your talents. Whether you dream of playing in a band, participating in traditional sessions, or simply serenading your loved ones, our fiddle lessons will help you achieve your musical aspirations!

Violin Class

Georgian Bay's Music History

The Georgian Bay region boasts a rich tapestry of music traditions that reflect the area's cultural diversity and natural beauty. This musical landscape is a harmonious fusion of Indigenous melodies, early European settlers' influences, and contemporary expressions. The rhythmic beats of First Nations drumming and chanting reverberate with a deep spiritual connection to the land, while Fiddles and accordions weave together in lively jigs and reels, drawing on the region's Celtic roots. Georgian Bay's music traditions bind the community together.

Native Drums

Fiddling as a Tradition

Fiddling, a cherished tradition in many cultures, has long served as a powerful catalyst for fostering community spirit. Rooted in the joy of music and the artistry of the violin, fiddling gatherings create a harmonious space where individuals of diverse backgrounds unite through a shared passion. Whether at a lively barn dance or a cozy fireside session, fiddling nurtures a sense of belonging and celebrates the strength found in unity, proving that music has the extraordinary ability to knit together the threads of a vibrant and inclusive community.

 Thank You to Georgian Bay

Northern Spirit Music would not be possible without the effort and contributions of the Georgian Bay community. We would like to take this time to thank everyone who has helped make this possible.

Georgian Bay Metis Council. Supporter of Northern Spirit Music Fiddle Lessons

Georgian Bay Metis Council

First Presbyterian Church in Penetanguishene. Supporter of Northern Spirit Music fiddle lessons.

First Presbyterian Church

Isabelle Pauze. Logo designer for Northern Spirit Music

Isabelle Pauze

GBMC is officially recognized as having the largest concentration of self-identified Métis in all of Ontario. They support our community through their many incredible programs and services.

Located in Penetanguishene, the church is a Christian community who worships God by means of education, outreach and service with love, compassion and enthusiasm in a changing world.

Isabelle is a local artist from Tiny, Ontario and the designer of the Northern Spirit Music logo. She has participated in many community projects and much of her work has can be found in local shops in the Georgian Bay area. 

Brookside Music Association. Supporter of Northern Spirit Music fiddle lessons

Brookside Music Association

Brookside Music Association is a registered charity which presents world class music events in the Midland area at exceptionally affordable prices. They are committed to outreach and educational programs and events as they believe that music is for sharing!

Huronia Community Foundation. Supporter of Northern Spirit Music fiddle lessons

Huronia Community Foundation

Huronia Community Foundation is a registered charity and home to over 80 unique funds established by local charities and community-minded philanthropists. They provide financial support to many diverse groups in North Simcoe and their foundation is a wonderful asset in our community!

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Lessons begin January 2024!

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